Friday, May 28, 2004

Okay, so here's some new quiz thingys. I found them all because of Becca, I love you! Dylan and Camille came over for a while today. Dylan left when Camille left, which is what he usually does, so I knew he would, but still...It's a little upsetting, even though I don't like her anymore. I took they HSA's tomorrow, they weren't that bad but I forgot what the line of best fit was. Didn't know which equation was which. So I probably passed, but not perfectly. On one question, I spend fifteen minuets on (I waited until I finished the others) and I finally got the answer, and was about to put it in my book. But the teacher said to stop, so I couldn't. Too bad they don't check the work sheets. I spent so long on it. Don't know the last time I posted. So I don't know if I'm repeating myself. I'm probably going to the concert with Michele and Camille since Becca dropped out, and the only reason I wasn't going to go was because Becca didn't like me. I really hope I can go to King's Dominion, my parents gave me the OK, but Becca and her friends and I need to figure out some details and stuff. Like how we're going to get there. If you want the full detail, check out her link to the right. That's all I've got for now so yea, I'll write some more later.

I'm Cosette!
Sweet and sheltered, but not just another pretty face, I've overcome some tough times, and have nowhere to go but up. Only the most hardened sociopaths -- and, well, fanatical Eppie/Marius 'shippers -- have anything bad to say about me.

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Which Marie-Suzette Are You?

You are Feuilly's Spitfire Sister!
You practically raised yourself and your brother, you spunky thing, you. Pat yourself on the back, and expect all the students to do it, too. After all, if they're not in love with you, they should be.

Which Marie-Suzette Are You?

You're Marius!
Stubborn, shy, romantic, and occasionally a little slow on the uptake. But you get the girl and live happily ever after, which has to count for something.

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You're Eponine, the love sick teenager.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wow. Lots of free time on my hands. It makes a lot of difference after two weeks of barely seeing your house. They turned the air conditioning off at school and now I, and the rest of the students/teachers, can barely breath. Maddy and I already started a petition.:). We probably won't get anywhere, but I'm hoping we can make an impact so the administration at least realizes we should get a say in things. Student represtetives do squat. I haven't heard about them all year. There is about two meetings, and then nothing happens. We really should complain. Yesterday was a good day. I went to my pediatrist to see what my problem in school was (I'm failing lots of my classes) and she thinks I have ADD. Michele says that they tell everyone that and that they only do it for the money. I think that Michele is right. I've started taking medicine to see if I abnormaly react to it, but I really start taking it on Thursday. After what I had left of school, (I'm about to melt of heat and boredom in Ms.Eichers room) Camille came over and we half-cramed for the test today, (which was easy, but wouldn't have been if not for yesterday) and then Mathieu came over and we played around on his Scooter and then we cramed some more and then we painted his nails. I don't think it was completely against his will because he let his grab hold of his hands. We wrote on his hands too. HA! He deserves it, I guess. I have perfected the perfect stroke method because the following happened. Camille put a little dot on Mathieu's shirt so it was barely visible. Then when he guard was down, un-expectedly, I came swooping in and left this big pink mark in the upper right corner. I had such a good time. Ah. Happy Days. Then I went to Guitar lessons and that was about all that was interesting for the day.
Today I A)made better friends with Claire over hatred for a person, and found out that DM lives really near her because he passes her everyone morning when shes waiting for the bus. She's going to say Hi for me tomorrow. B)Fixed up all my lost work and generally getting my life after the play back in order, although I'm still supposed to be working on homework. C) Found out I couldn't go to King's Dominion or something of the other, because I have graduation which actually is only from nine to ten, which I just realized, but I'm sure they'd want to leave earlier then that to beat the lines. I'm not even sure if I have the rest of the day off. But I'll tell them what I just found out. I'd also be very tired because of my dance recital, but I'm sure I can sleep it off. Right. D) Still completely obsessing about DM and drinking every water fountain in sight. Maybe it's because of the dehydration level in the school (kids are starting to try to find the pressure points in their neck, so they can pass out) or because I'm completely and utterly hopelessy in love. Or something of the sort.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Yes. I know I have not written in a while. I'm still mad at Dylan, and I ended up not talking to him for a week, but I started talking to him so people would leave me alone. They all pry into my business, even those who aren't my friends. And they don't seem to get that I'm in a bad mood and I don't want to talk to anyone. I especially don't want to be harrassed about a subject that I'm extremely touchy about and everyone seems to do it. It's one of the things that makes me extremely annoyed and agravated and then they get mad at me for being bitchy towards them becuase I won't tell them what my problem is because I don't want to say that most of my problem is them and my other problem is the play because I haven't spent more than an hour home in the last two weeks. The play's over now though. You should have come seen it if you knew about it. It was really cool but it took up so much of my time, and I'm falling a lot behind on my school work now. I'm not so mad at Dylan anymore though, and trying not to be so bitchy. But wouldn't you be annoyed that half of your friends walked out on the second half of you're show? Because that's what they did. Nathan, Camille, Maddy, Eric, Brian, Will. And I'm a little upset with all of them. At least one of them should have seen something wrong with it. Camille didn't apologize because she doesn't think she did anything wrong, which is starting to get annoying, but I still love her. But Eric apologized and I haven't really asked anybody else about it.
Yesterday I went to see Shrek 2 with Eric and it was nice (NOT A DATE). Had about a plot of an amoeba though. All they did was have homages to other movies and fairy tales. But it was funny.
Let's see, some other things that happened this week. Oh yes, I went head over heels over DM again. I won't reveal his name unless any of you happen to know him. After my tech rehearsal on Tuesday (which ended at 9) we went to the BCC concert thingy because my sister was in band. We stayed for the matricals or whatever, mainly becasue I though DM would be in it, but it turns out he was in one of the groups preceding them. It was fun watching him, and after his performance was done, he came to sit in the theatre and I had a clear view of him. He was almost right in front of me! Albeit, a couple of rows down. I'm friends with his sister (is that a bad thing? Considering I seriously, desperately want him to be my boyfriend?) and she said he was coming to the play on Friday with the rest of her family. Turns out he came on Thursday and I found out that he was here by Sarah, who knows who he is, because he came up to congradulate her. I went to the front hall thingy to see if I could walk by him or something, but he wasn't there. I was catching a ride home with my friend named David so I went back to the hall between the chorus room and the dressing rooms (bathrooms) but he wasn't there so I said out loud, "WHERE is david?" and the guy in front of my asked what and turned to the side to get a drink of water. And I can bet you know who it was. DM. So my heart started beating, i don't know, fifteen times per milisecond and he said, "Hi, Lena Barkin." Which sent me on a spree because he remembered who I was, and I whispered a hi, and I walked away, now remembering why I could never talk to him in seventh grade. He is so incredibely HOT and funny and nice and a great wonderfull singer. Sarah said she couldn't blame me for liking him although she likes someone else. So my week was basically bipolar. Really bad downs and really high ups. It was good though, because after I had my downs I felt really good when I had my ups. And I got a new cell phone (although I think I lost it. GAH. I put it in my pants, in my garment bag, zipped up my garment bag and now I don't know where it is. I shall scour the whole of the first floor tomorrow.) I will not post again until someone makes a comment. So you might not here from me in a while. Toodleoo!

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