Thursday, May 13, 2004

So mad at Dylan. He is being a real jerk and the fact of it is, he probably doesn't even realize that I'm mad at him. Or if he does, he doesn't care. Which just makes me madder, but he doesn't care anyway. I was playing the piano becuase it was making me feel better from this morning and he kept banging on the keys like he usually does, but today it was really annoying so I told him to stop so I can play. And I told him to stop, and he still doesn't stop, and I haven't talked to him for the rest of the day, but I'm pretty sure he didn't want to talk to me either for some reason. GRRRRRRR. If anyone wants to know, of course he was the one I liked, but I since I stopped liking him a month ago, I've hated him becuase he's an inconsiderate jerk whose too egotistical to even consider someone elses feelings. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Now that I've gotten that out, Emily's jazz shoes which I was going to wear to Busch this weekend, don't fit and I can only find one shoe of my own that do fit so basically I'm screwed. Any of you have character shoes/jazz shoes that you can get to my house tonight? Leave a comment so I know who you are so I'm not answering my doors to strangers. Really tired. Really angry. Really stressed. Nathan was right, I am overemotional. But most of the time I'm kidding and then I say I'm kidding and he says I sound serious. And then when I'm serious he thinks I'm kidding. That's great.
Hey. Free time during Spanish Class! Who knew I would ever have ANY free time anymore? I've been so busy these last weeks I'm half dead, and I still have exams, a concert, and four performences to go through. No wonder I haven't written in over week. We had this huge brawl with Becca yesterday because she said a lot of mean things, then denied them. And they weren't even about other people in the school, it was about people like Michele and Nathan, and she was talking to Claire. Not a very smart move. I've been staying after school every day this week. Mostly until six. Same as last week. Tomorrow I'm going to Busch Gardens for the weekend. So you won't hear from me for a while. Either because I'll be in Busch Gardens or because I'll die of tiredness there or the way back. The last two weeks have been interesting though. At least for me. I've been very depressed and I can't get up in the morning. Fighting every night with my parents over my grades. I got interims last night, they're the worst that I've ever had, but they're not true. For World Studies, I have an E put down but on the grade sheet that I got on that very SAME DAY, it said I had a very high C. And that was two weeks ago. And I'm taking a test today. One of the three that I'll be taking. Two in Math (One's a make-up and will be during lunch) and the other one, of course, in World Studies. Maddy wasn't here yesterday and I need to pass out my party invitations. To those of you who haven't recieved them yet, and you know me in person, they are coming in the mail. CoughRebeccacough. During the course of my absence, I have become friends with Sarah because she sits next to me in Science (have I told you about the knot of strings?) and in play I'm back to being friends with Anna. It's kinda nice. The periods almost over so I have to go. But I'll try to write later. There's a lot. I have to get all my chorus clothes in order and stuff. The knot thing is this time that Maddy was trying to get rid of a knot, and we, Sarah, Ryan, Katie,Abby and I were all crowded around her, and she undid the not and we were screaming and whooping and then we turned around and the whole class was staring at us. We were in our own little world. Hehe.

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