Friday, May 07, 2004

This might be similar to a post on Rebecca's blog, but that's because it's true. She is the only damn person to read this blog. My friends probably wouldn't be able to read it without hating me, but other people can. Go ahead! Read to your hearts desire! Post comments! I just want to know someone is there!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Ok. So today is Sunday. No idea when I last posted. Um. If you haven't heard of my new play schedule, I'll tell you later, because I don't want to repeat it for no reason now. I'll just tell you about my weekend. So on Thursday (school's were closed on Friday) Eva and Camille and I walked around and had some fun. Something happened that I want to forget forever, and I don't even want anyone who wasn't there to know what happened. I severly hope it doesn't spread around school. Eva and Camille had a sleep over, I couldn't go because of my mom. This weekend my mom was playing single from Friday on because my dad went to Philly. Which I didn't find out until Friday afternoon when I called him on his cell and he said he was in Philly. On Friday I woke up late, had my piano lesson and then went out with Camille, Eva, Dylan and Nathan. It was fun. We played tag in a parking lot, then Nathan and I voted to go to the comic book store, but got vetoed. Went over to Nathans a bit while he mowed the lawn, and then said goodbye to Camille since she had a hair appoitment. The rest of us went to the BCC lacrosse came because Nathan had too and the rest of us had nothing better to do. We played wall ball and had some fun laughing at eachother as we stumbled down the hill looking for balls gone astray. Camille came back and we played approximately two more rounds, (not like I counted...) and then we lay in the grass saying we wanted to go see a movie. Camille and Eva and I wanted to see Mean Girls but the guys wanted to see Envy. I didn't have any money so I called my dad and that's when the Philly thing kicked in. After the game we went to Mcdonalds, where I called my mom and she came and gave me my new allowance rate ($20). We missed Envy by half an hour and the guys couldn't go to the late show, so the girls decided we would go see Mean Girls instead. We played tag for an hour in an open park about Chipotle and in the lot where we played before. The tickets to Mean Girls were sold out, so I was tricked (i never want to be a theft again and rob people) into wasting nine dollars and buying a different movie ticket. Unfortunately, lots of people had the same idea so they did a ticket check. Fortunately, we were in the very back row so we snuck out quickly and quietly and were generally not noticed by the other people who were scurring out of the theatre. Unfortunately, Camille and Eva didn't like Laws of Attraction so we left half way through. Pity, it wasn't that bad. On Saturday I woke up and went to dance, then later went to see Mean Girls with my mom because she wanted to go. I didn't know at the time, but that was the same night as Battle of the Bands and Camille said she called a hundred times for us to go but I didn't answer obviously so she went with Eva. Oh well. Sigh. Sunday was a busy day. The choral department had a car wash so I was there at ten-thirty washing cars before BAPA. I got soaking wet, as I intended to do. Becca 3 was there and she had ten dollars so we went over to 7-11 and we bought a whole ton of junk. I provided the drinks with my two dollars. Which I conveniently lost when I went to SAL directly after the car wash. Then I came home, changed my pants and after some bickering and un-calm like disscusion, I went to the mall with my mom where we split up and did our own things. Because I had a credit card. And I was grateful. I got all these cute stuff that I will be exhibiting tomorrow, if you go to my school. Well, maybe everything except the boxers. And I'm not going to be changing in the middle of the day. I actually mean all this week. Whatever. I'm a loser. Bye.

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