Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hey, haven't written in a while. Maybe because I've been bombarded with play, parents, show choir, school and reschedulings. So tired, but now I have a three day weekend, which has been broken up into different specific events on every day. Tomorrow, piano. Saturday, dance (of course) and Sunday, SAL(thank god.) I am going to die! For example. All next week, except for Friday, I have to stay after school until 6. Same for next week instead that I have Monday and Friday off. The next week I have a rehearsel till six, two rehearsals until 9 and then three shows day after day. I swear I will die. I might not be able to go to the semi-formal because of the Blink-182 concert (their are some disputes). The day after that, I have my dance rehearsel and the day after THAT I have the actual performance. Obviously, I may not be writting any time soon. I might never right again, I might be dead from all the stress. Grr. Well at least I think I'm going to a movie tonight. YAY!

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