Monday, April 19, 2004

Yo, homie G,s! Whut up!? Here's Maddy! not the maddy from hfs. He's evil and needs to die a little. but it's all good. join the despair faction!you know you want to... so. How are you? you filthy stink children? If Green River was the first grunge band And soundgarden was the second, who the hell are the screaming trees? some say that pearl jam isnt grunge.ass holes. am i the only person on earth that likes audioslave? give em some credit. it's Chris Cornell and Rage... Every one should listen to STP: scott weiland has a lot to say...
Hey, this is Lena (might as well dispel it because a certain person, coughbeccacough, keeps on saying it over and over again) and I'm in science! We're actually supposed to be doing a semi-interesting project but I'm dead tired from the weekend and the day and I can barely concentrate my eyes on the screen because they want to close so badly. I just had a mock trial of Brown vs. the Board of Education and I was the bad, racist attorny. And even though I don't believe in the cause I think I was the damn best attorny in the class. Mr. Lawhorn told me to "tear them apart," hmmm. Yesterday was Nathans birthday party. So many people were there, it was somehow annoying. Nathan, Michele, Camille, Dylan, Andy, Jim (Barely), Kyrie, Eric, Will, Claire and that's about it. We had cake, three pizzas (most of the slices only had one bite and then discarded) and Doritos. Then I went home and had a cake with my family for my sisters birthday. Today was Kathleen's birthday, yesterday was Amanda's birthday, and someone else's birthday was today but I can't remember. Too many birthdays!!! Thank God we're going to Philly this Thursday and Friday (so don't be expecting anything from Wednesday on) but we're not in the same hotel as Dylan, Nathan, Will and Eric. But we get to go to Hilton! And they have to go to Adam's mark (manaical laugh). Well, anyways there's not that much more to write but I want to keep on writing. I'm just going to force Maddy to write something now so I know what's going on in her life. Some people are getting on my nerves with they're seriousness and their hatred for me.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Saw Rebecca on Friday. Woohoo. And it was my sisters birthday yesterday, but she was in New Orleans. In case I didn't say this before, we were supposed to see a movie on Friday, but we didn't. Today is Nathan's birthday and Emily is coming home so I get to celebrate two birthdays and have two cakes and yay! Except I'm going to get fat really fast. I got Emily a card and Nathan a thing on comics. The party starts in half an hour so I'm just waiting patiently.

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