Saturday, April 17, 2004

Went out yesterday with a whole load of people. We planned on seeing a movie but we missed it so we just went to Chipotle instead. It was fun, but after a while it got chaotic. Rebecca came with us:). She's planning on writing a memoir. She slept over and we were watching the tv movie on Vh1 about the Temptations. I saw it again today. Eating M&M's and I'm watching Fairly Oddparents. I wanted to take out my bike today and maybe learn to ride it, (CoughignorethatCough) but I couldn't reach anyone. I might go to a movie tonight though. Maybe. My Sims games got deleted but Camille said that she maybe could help me and give me the ones i've lost so I can download them again. She's on now and I want to see if Rebecca put something on her blog so bye!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Little later, Dylan stopped being in a bad mood. But now I am and I have a headache. Probably just staying in with Camille today while everyone goes to a movie because she's really beat and hurt from her soccer practice and fitness training. I can't write anymore because I'm in class so bye.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Today was a good day, of sorts. Except for Dylan who was being a jerk to everyone except Camille (possesive?). Fifth period may be my worst period now because it has Dylan,Claire and Becca, and since Becca and Claire both dislike me a lot...yea. They try to spin it so I don't talk to Camille so it's annoying. Also, I'm really mad because someone stole my basketball and I wanted to scream, "Fuck you, give that back," so badly I needed to clench my teeth. Talk about PMS. I'm sick of being taken advantage of. I had show choir today and it was tiring because I was asleep in sixth period and very sleepy in seventh period.( Apparenty, I can only sleep in first and sixth period, even though I might want to in seventh, but I have Maddy.) After show choir I talked to Rebecca about some interesting subjects and I told her a story, and she told be to write it on the blog so I will. We had a really stupid math subsitute in math today and he let us do anything and didn't really pay attention at all. Michele asked to go to the bathroom so we could escape, and I asked to go get a drink of water. He said yes to her but no to me, so Michele wrote the pass and left a big gap between her name and where she was going. After he signed it, Michele put my name in the gap and I just filed out right behind her. The subsitute didn't even notice. It was the most hilarious thing in the world. We waited for Camille to be able to leave World Studies but we unfortunately got stopped down the hall because some bitch teacher asked us why we were out so long and she just kept us there longer. Michele tried to explain in her normal voice and she said not to get an "attitude" with her and that we should treat her with respect. I tried to say that I had to stop by my locker and she asked to see the pass and then she said that it only said that we could go to the bathroom and that it never said that we couldn't go to our locker. She really needs to get a life. So that's a funny bit from today. So respond if you feel like it, I'm not really desperate anymore. Camille is talking to Dylan about his jerkiness but she hasn't told any of the results yet so I'm waiting impatiently. Until tomorrow, bye!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hi again, so spring break is over and I'm back as I promised. Relaxed, well-fed, totally hyper, and zoning out on my homework. Enjoy the feeling of spring break while it lasts. I found out today that there's barely a week until I get to go to Philly with my eigth grade. It will either be totally fun, or a crash course of complete maniacal drama. Probably a mixture of both, fun! Not much happened over spring break except that I'm now sick of movies and by the end of the week, there were only three people left in Maryland. We hung out together though so it was all good. Today went fairly well, I gave a comic book that I "got" (shh) to Nathan and I started reading another book that I "got" on the same excursion. 'Twas my first time. I think Camille&chums are having a negative effect on me. Oh well. They're really nice and everything and I've known them the longest out of all of my friends. I'm dissapointed to see that I am NOWHERE in Rebecca's blog *glare*. She better put me on soon or else she will have to give me a $200 dollar shopping spree :) aparrently the romance between me and Shane is on, but we have yet to see eachother. We're hoping to see eachother this weekend, but we'll see. After a long talk with Nathan, I have revived my passion for writing (I never knew that Nathan wrote poetry ALL the time) It was a nice chat. Unfortunately, everyone thinks I like him, which is untrue, because I actually like...hmmm. someone else. That happens to be dating, so it's hopeless. Not sure if I have dispelled his name or not so I'll just keep it disclosed for now. He's dating someone else, my friend, and I've already been over this. I also like Shane though, but it's hard to like someone without meeting them. My hands haven't gotten very tired yet which is very good, although I haven't been practicing, and my speed is moving along nicely, very very very fast because I'm running out of time, I have to work on my run-on sentences though. Camillle is coming to tune her guitar, musicians rule!, so I have to wrap this up so she doesn't see my post, so I'll try to post again tomorrow after 4 since that's when I have to get home now adays because of play practice, show choir, yada yada. Bye! *hyper*

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