Monday, April 05, 2004

Hi. It's spring break so I probably won't be writing a lot. Mostly because everyone is away somewhere else at this point. Yesterday I saw a movie and then walked around, eventually we went to Will's house, then to Nathan's house and we had a WWF tournament (people complimented my ability to stay up and balanced for a long period of time) but Nathan won over in the end. He's a very strong boy. I wanted to sleep-over at Eva's but my parents wouldn't let me. Oh well. On Saturday I was basically abandoned because of unfortunate circumstances. Watching a really bad tv show and talking to Michele and Camille so I don't really have more to write. I didn't get to see Rebecca or Dylan and Nathan is gone now. It sort of sucks. Not sort of. I does suck because I haven't seen Becca for a long time. Again, I don't have anymore to write and I have a really busy day today (doctors,guitar, sader) so I probably won't be able to see my friends today. But I will be able to tomorrow and the next day and the day after because it's spring break! Whooo! So I'll just have to wrap up (for the third time) and say bye and mazel passover??? (I forget how to say it, so this is my version and it shall work I say!)

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