Friday, April 02, 2004

As you can see, I added new things to the side. My friend Rebecca blog is too the right. She's really cool so check her out. We go on the same wavelength all the time, so if you think I'm cool, she's cooler. I also added Neopets, only the coolest place to play games and such. I probably won't be adding anything new for a while because I don't know a lot of HTML so enjoy it while you can. I had a million hours of rehearsal today but now it's all over and I'm happy because it's SPRING BREAK! I actually got in touch with a lot of people I hadn't payed attention to in a while. And I sort of made friends with one girl. It was really cool and made the time go by faster. It also helped that I wasn't standing up the whole time. So I'm happy. Hopefully I'm going to a movie tonight(I'm not sure) So I'm happy and I don't have anything more to say(which is a miracle on my standards) so I guess I'll just say HI BECCA. and goodbye.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Can't believe I haven't written since Monday, I've been trying to but my computer keeps on messing up. Today, as most people know, is April Fools day, and this years Fools day was a lot better then last years. Someone pretended to be a hateful fiance to a teacher we all hate, Will put up signs on all the teachers doors to go to other rooms and we tried to put a dead frog on Ms.Eichers desk but there were none available(there might have been because of disections.) I'm in a less depressed mood because I think I am over Camille and Dylan, or their both just being nicer to me or something. I don't have half days (in a sense) today and tomorrow because I have play until after school usually gets out, and tomorrow is the first day of spring break. bleh. But at least I have a week of dreams and relaxation. Enough to keep us rested until summer. But also very tempting and make us more miserable when we go back to school to face a new quarter. And harder material. I really hate midquarter because all the work comes in one heap after all the calm, and you get really stressed because it when things are the most developed before cooling down. And this time for the end of the year and all the exams and the HSA's (High School Assesment) so I'll be doubly stressed, and also doubly relieved. I really hope that this quarter is better than last quarter but I'll doubt it. Don't really know what to say, not much has happened this week. Had Show Choir, but not Hebrew School so I couldn't see Becca or Nathan 2, but I might see Becca on Saturday, don't know because I have piano. Can't really say anything has moved foward in my love life or anything. I've always basically stood at square one, and most of the time that irritates me, but today it didn't which is good. While I was in the shower (listening to the Beach Boys) I made up a movie plot to go with the songs. It's pretty long and I don't want to type it and you probably don't want to hear it so I would disclose it until it's in theaters. (In about ten or so years) But you heard it here first! See you later.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Currently listening to:The song in my head.
Actually, I didn't go to the school because I had make up work that's still not done but she be avoided until later. Maybe, it's getting pretty close to the end of the marking quarter, so maybe she won't accept it. I did the best i could though. That's what counts right? Found out something happened at the school, but I don't want people to feel sorry for me cuz i don't really, so i won't reveal it. Have piano today, (Fur Elise,Singing in the Rain) and then have guitar (any damn song i want). Very different. Nathan pointed out today that parents prefer their kids to do active stuff like soccer instead of musical stuff like guitar (which is basically true) and that guitar actually takes more talent then soccer because you have to work hard at in, where as in soccer, it's just luck. I don't really remember how we got to this subject, but there was a very good explanation i could have given you three hours ago. I'm starting to perk up, I think, don't know why, just am. Considering dylan basically ignored me all day, i should feel bad, but i don't (i was though) and it's definately not because i stopped liking him. tomorrow i might be going to play practice, I'm not sure, if i don't, ill come home and try starting my hw. When that fails (which will take fifteen minuets tops) i try to think of new ideas for stories, I think I'm all out. It's not that I don't know how to write( which i dont) i just can't think of something original that no one has ever done before. hmmm. On Wednesday, I think Camille and I are both going to fake sick so we can a)have a day off b) talk to eachother online and c) see eachother when our parents leave. that will be fun. Till next time, bye!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Its been almost a week, and lately all my days seem like years. School is dragging on and I'm very ready for spring break. I'm failing most of my classes and I keep on having this recurring thought that I'm a selfish little brat because I'm always obsessed with my problems and what would be good for me. I'm always seeing Dylan and Camille together and its annoying me. Not because I'm not their friends, and not because it hurts, it just feels wierd. Camille only like him for ten days, and then he asked her out. And though he is entitled to do that, and do what he feels, its also weird because I've liked him for much longer than that. I've liked him for much longer than a year. But it's their choice. Also, it's like I cant write anymore. I stopped writing my short stories and just want to lay about all day except for going to BAPA. I haven't written this much on the computer for so long my arms are starting to hurt and that's a very bad sign. I'm very out of shape. And i just realized I'm being completely selfish again. A good thing that happened on Tuesday was that we got straight one's in chorus and now we're going on to states. We got to relax and watch Fantasia on Friday and eat food to celebrate. I got my grade updates and they're not looking so good. I'm getting a range from low A's to high C's but that doesn't show on the report card. We're nearing the end of third quarter which is very good. I have to study for the World Studies quiz. NOOOO. Going to the zoo later with Michele, Sam, Camille and Dylan. Going to try to get Nathan out of his grounding so I won't be the odd one out. We have been able to relate to eachother lately. I saw the BCC play of Peter Pan yesterday, and even though it sucked I got to see Deliciously hot Dan. It was really awesome. Please write comments. I feel very alone on the website lately, most of all becasue I feel no ones hearing me so I have no reason to write anymore. As Nathan mentioned earlier this week, "have you ever noticed that our group of friends is like a damn soap opera?"

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