Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I woke up at 7:02, was out the door at 7:09, you can just hear the screaming. I don't want to be near my friends because I'm in a horrible mood. At the same time, I still don't want to be alone. I found out yesterday that my friend has the tiniest crush on my crush for ever. I mean it's ok but that doesn't mean I can't be jealous does it? She said she wouldn't say yes even if he asked her out, but would she want to? I don't want her to have to give something up just because she's guilty and i'm jealous. All three of us are in fifth period so what if he reveals he likes me? I can't just say I'll go out with him in front of her face. Ugh. And then I have about ten projects in school going on all due on the same day. And we barely got any time. If I work really hard on one project, I end up missing the other, so either way it's inevitable that I get screamed at. This is just endless. And now it's snowing and I don't want it to because I don't want another snow day since it's just going to add on at the end of the year. Even though a snow day is probably just what I need today. My arms hurt and my eyes are tired but I just can't stop talking because I need to let it out. I'm just ranting and ranting and it's only 8:55. Becca keeps on saying it's not fair that I want the room back. I don't really care anymore but Claire said she's going to kick Becca out. I think I'm done. Either that or the periods almost over. Bye.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Yesterday went by without many quirks or dissapointment. I went to MSA testing and then in third and fourth period I was bored. It's always the same with school. After school I had my piano lesson and we picked out new songs for my repetoire, that was fun. Afterwards, I went to guitar lessons and that was cool. Got to remember to practice though. I spent about four to five hours on the phone last night with Nathan working on an English project and he's going to call me today to do the same thing. It took us a while because both of us have serious cases of ADD(not literally, to the extent of my knowledge) and got distracted by online games. But eventually we got down to work. If my dad is reading this, this is Maddy...right. Today was good, but I have so many projects. I just came back from play practice where I'm still a nobody. I hate being in the ensamble. Ah, ce la vie. So now I'm talking on the phone with Nathan again, going to do my English project. See ya later.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I don't have much to say except: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I hope he doesn't visit this site though, if he does, I want to say that my friend posted the last.....five messages, and none of it was my doing. I actually don't have much to say because it's monday morning in first.....after school (period) and nothing has happened today yet. Except that Dylan slept in the bus and I found out that Ariel was moving. *tear tear*
She's lived up the street from me for a really long time. I'm going to break it to Becca today that she can't have my room during the Pennsylvania trip. I'm gonna try to do it really nicely. Or at least as nicely as I can. But the truth is that no one to takes my place so.... I have to do make-ups for MSA's today. Damn. I hate tests and everyone else is finished with them...I don't really have anything else to write so I'll just log off. Bye!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Ok. I think I left off at...ah, yesterday at the library, of course. So since we got kicked of the computer, we decided to leave. We went back to Nathans house to write the story, and promptly did nothing whatsoever until my dad came to pick me up. Both of us went to a Purim carnival at my synagouge (yes, I'm Jewish, and am proud of it) and then I came home and watched delicious Colin Firth on SNL. He's british! Today I went to SAL at the Bethesda Academy of the Preforming Arts (BAPA.) It's really fun, and funny. Then I went to my piano recital, which was aforementioned. I didn't mess up that much, I don't think. Afterwards, we went to Silver Diner and I got to drink a malt, which I haven't been allowed to in a long time. Then I came back, and now I'm trying to convince Nathan to change the plot of our story, becuase my dad is going to kill me if I don't.
Okay, so today is Sunday, I forget if I posted yesterday so I'll just cover the whole weekend. I know I said that I wouldn't post during the weekend, but screw it. The weekend is almost the only time I can post. So yesterday I woke up, spent and hour sweating in dance, becuase we had a substitute and then went to lunch with my dad. My mom and my sister are in Michigan for the weekend since it's campus day. So I went to meet Nathan at the library to do our project. He brought his friend Jim along. I was on a computer and Nathan said that since we both have computers at home that why don't we look for books. I said ok and then Jim got on the computer where I left. We couldn't find any books I was going to sign on again when a library staff member said I could only use the computers once per day. That was fair so Nathan and I went over to were Jim was sitting and playing computer games. Then she came over and asked for Nathans name, who wasn't even sitting at the computer and she looked through the list for his name. Then Jim said that he didn't know he had to sign up, so the librarian said that we had to get off becasue there were people waiting. I have to go to my piano recital right now so I'll pick up later.

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