Friday, March 05, 2004

If I'm not around lately, I'm probably at Dave Barry's blog. That guy makes me laugh, hard. As you can see to your left, I have left a link to his blog. Read, laugh, comment. Yesterday I went back to school. Bore. I had a bad day because my parents were screaming at me to turn in all this homework and the fact that I didn't get my copy of Twelve Angry Men to do an assignment. Today was a very busy day. I went to school, then walked home with Nathan, Camille and Will(most of the way). Then Camille, Nathan and I walked to the library, grabbed Lamia, met J.C by chance and found out it was closed. So we went to Giant, walked to Barnes&Noble and ate chocolate chip cookies while reading our magazines. By this time it was about 6:30. Nathan and I were supposed to be working on an English project, but I think we're doing this tomorrow when the library will be open. J.C left, then Lamia left, Becca Faulk came and then we all went outside. Nathan went home whilst Becca, Camille and I took the trolley to a corner, where Camille's mom picked us up and took us to a movie. On the trolley, however, we'd called Dylan and Eva, so we went to see the movie with them. It was a really good movie and afterwards my parents picked me up. It doesn't seem like I've been home long since I go home at 9:30 and right now it's 11:30. Did I mention that policemen arrived at the movie theater? I don't know why but they evacuated all the stragglers. I guess we'll learn about it tomorrow in the paper, or at least in the Bethesda Gazette or something like that. It must have been something big if someone called the police. Well, until my life gets so utterly boring I have to spit everything out, bye!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Ok. So it's exactley a week later.I've got to be better at this. Actually, nothing big happened this week. I had a really bad day on Monday because none of my assignments are complete and i think that Mrs. Glazer could kill be because i didn't do my Choral Analysis. And i don't even know why i didn't do it. I think I lost the sheet so... I think I'll just call Dylan for the questions.On Friday I went to dinner with Camille and Alex. We went around bethesda and rode up and down in the elevator at barnes and noble. We were playing spin the cell phone. Alex tried to french kiss me (camille forced it upon us, we don't like each other at all, he has a girlfriend) and i didn't want to because, believe or not, I have never been kissed. Except this one time at summer camp. But that's was spin the bottle again. So I'm not really going from one fake kiss on the lips to french kissing....no way. Yesterday I went with Camille and Michele to the Cresent Trail, actually we met at this chinese place, walked to mcdonalds, met up with nathan, walked to claires, walked back, and then went on the cresent trail. It was interesting. but not very fun for me because i was sick. As i am today. That's why i can write you this long, long blog without getting caught. even though school is over for the day already. I woke up at 12. Did i forget to mention that im grounded because i didn't do my school work? actually, i don't think im grounded anymore. i just think i was grounded last night while my dad was screaming at me and i was trying to scream back but i couldn't be as loud as him because my throat was a wreck. Thursday we went through the music of seussical the musical after school. There is no room for extra lines. Cosby must really dislike me. I don't really have anything more to say. Nothing special happened on Monday. Today everyone went to school, but i stayed home sick, obviously. I'm hoping to get homework from my friends because I don't want to fall behind. Maybe Nathan will come over and do our english project, if he doesn't mind me being sick. But we shall see.. god, I sound like my mom. Not good. I have to go now, well, not really, but i don't have anything more to say. I'll try to stay in touch but I'm not promising anything. Bye! (please write comments! I would enjoy them sooo much!)

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