Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Another slow day.I'm working on my Social Studies book today. It's all about mementos and the oregon trail. It can be interesting at times, but other times is just plain boring. I'm working with Maria and Juan, right now they're copying down my worksheet so I have time to write this. It's really fun. I woke up late again today, Tuesday, and my mom screamed at me again. This is getting very annoying. I'm losing too much sleep and it's only Tuesday. I could go to sleep on a moments notice if I'd wanted too. It's sixth period. In first period I went to the computer lab again, but i actually had to do work so that didn't work out. I've been going to the computer lab a lot lately, and i consider that good. I like working on computers because you can multi-task. The period is almost over. I better log off. I'll be back later with some more interesting news if I can muster it. Might be a while because I have joint chorus rehearsal. And hour of being stuck on a riser crowded in against other people! Whoo-hoo! You can just smell the fun! Adios!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Okay, so right now I'm onto Monday. I was having a good day, splendid actually, and then I woke up. Turns out it was 7:00 and i had to be at the bus stop at 7:15 unless my mom would scream her head off at me. Either that or take away my movies until May. (Right now I don't get any until April, let me just ask one question to this method of punishment. Who cares?) Although I love my movies, I can live without them. So I didn't eat and breakfast and my mom was screaming at my dad to get me out the door, (big surprise) my dad blew up and screamed at me to get out the door to explain to mom why he couldn't do anything. I hate screaming, it's just the worst thing in the world. We already have enough problems, we don't need to create more ourselves. So I go to school and my bus is late to school, having problems of it's own, and I eat breakfast really fast without Nathan because he's already gone to his first period class I suppose. I don't want to go into the details of school, it's too boring for me to live through it. I had my piano lesson and was very happy because my teacher said that she could tell that I practiced. I went to my guitar lesson and my teacher was happy because he could tell that I practiced. This was only my third guitar lesson but he'll soon find out that once I get good, I tend to practice less and less until im mediocre because i rest on my lorals. Exciting things ahead in my future! Then I came home and I haven't started my homework yet even though I probably should have. I just got distracted by my friend on IM and Nathan S. is now M.I.A on IM. So I'm left with my friend and my blog. Right now I'm listening to a Clash cd for the first time called Sandinista. Maddy says that it's the greatest Clash cd of all time. I have to admit it's pretty cool, and it reminds me of Pink Floyd. That's all I have for this time. Bye now!
I'm back and its a lot later than first period. I have a correction to make, I made a lot of mistakes. Although it's true that I went to my play thing on Thursday, I went to unos on TUESDAY. That's when I did the performance for the parents of the incoming sixth and seventh graders. On Thursday, after play, I stayed in the cafeteria for the talent show recital. It was semi-boring but it was the first time I'd seen any of the acts. The one I was in was "pippin," for show choir. There was this one act that went horribly wrong. To not get beat up in the school always I'll use the name Group T. T stands for the name for a horribly naughty and unwanted girl who everyone except her friends hate. She's in this group. Group T was dancing on the stage when the music they were playing said bitch. Three times. I don't mind the word bitch, but my drama teacher does, and I don't blame her if little kids were going to be there. She got really angry and told the girls to get off the stage. That was about the most eventful thing that happened during the practice.
On Friday there was the real talent show. The call was at five-thirty so I stayed after school in Mrs.Glazers room. I did my homework for a bit(not) and then we all went to Unos. I had a bit left from Tuesday, coincedentally, now I'm broke. It was nice at unos. I made friends with a girl whose name I forgot and who I hate to say, mainly because I hate to categorize people, is popular. She's nice though, and we have a lot in common. Like a love for Johnny Depp and chicken. The Talent Show went over smoothly although the audience wouldn't shut up and someone lost their music.
Saturday was a normal day, I went to dance, had lunch with my mom at Old Georgetown Grille, coincedentally so did the Barbers, and I saw Andi and Sam walk by, and went home. I shirked off my homework as usually, much like I'm doing now, and I watched tv for most of the day. It was really nice outside, so i decided to practice guitar upstairs and practice piano. Saturday night, though, I went to the Whitman Talent Show and it was AWSOME!!!!!! There were lots of bands and the theme was MTV so they were making fun of all of the shows. It was really cool. I saw TS Nathan (Torah School Nathan) there and I said hi, then i said a really embarrassing thing, then he ignored me on his way out. He didn't hear me because I asked him on IM if he did and he said that he didn't. I'll probably have to go soon because of guitar.
On Sunday, I woke up at 11, went back to sleep and woke up again at 12. I went to SAL and then spent the rest of the day working on my Science Project. I almost didn't watch any tv except for Curb your Enthusiasm and the last episode of Sex and the City. I have to go now, so I'll get to today later today. Adios!
Okay, so it's been a while again. But I have good reason. I can't remember the last time i posted, but I'll just start from Wednesday. On Wednesday, I went to Show Choir, then I talked to Nathan, then saw him at Hebrew School. Which I have every other Wednesday from 7 until 9. He told me that Rebecca had a Mock Trial meeting. Too bad. Mock Trial is this thing that Whitman (Rebecca and Nathans school) is doing, it's a trial that's fake, hence the name. Rebecca is obsessed with this senior who's participating in the Mock Trial but i will not disclose his name here in case Nathan comes ambling along and sees it. I talk to Rebecca after Hebrew School and she tells me her crushes name, and promptly tells me not to tell Nathan. On Thursday, I went to the play meeting since they canceled, "Into the Woods" and made it into "Seussical the Musical". I'm ensamble. I'd rather be kicked out of Into the Woods fairly and only mope for one day, then see the play, then be in Seussical the Musical, be at rehearsals all the time, and be one of the only eigth graders in the ensemble. For my last play ever. This is the memory I will have. Being part of this huge crowd and seeing lots of people I know (I couldn't really say they're my friends, although I'm friendly with them) in center stage. I know a seventh grader that got one of the main roles. And although I'm ok with that, a lot of people got double roles. It just doesn't seem fair. After the meeting, and after Kyrie left, I went to Show Choir until late. We did our homework for half an hour to an hour, and then we went to Unos at around 4:30. We came back at about 6:00 because we walked and stopped for ice cream. That's all I can say for now since class is over but I'm gonna write later.

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