Thursday, February 19, 2004

So today is Wednesday, a busy day indeed. I went to show choir where i waves a banner proud and high and banged tamorines against my hips in a musical type fashion. Seriously, I love Show Choir, it can be the greatest thing sometimes.
I ate breakfast with Nathan today, a new habit, and actually stayed up during first period. We're doing this thing were we have to make Resumes in spanish. It's actually quite fun to plan my future to the last date. I've already done it in health on a timeline, but this is a new format and in a different language (which i happen to speak quite well, thank-you-very-much.) Also, it's due on Friday so I don't have to worry about it until tomorrow.
Second period was second period, chorus. We went further into I'll Hear the Trumpets Sound, and I am now definately a second soprano. I used to be a first soprano but then my voice dropped.
Third period was math and we learned a new concept in probability. It's very easy but it's hard to explain it in words. You really need a board or a piece of paper.
Fourth period was English, we started reading Twelve Angry Men. I was the third juror. I was happy because I got to be a stubborn mule with an opinion on everything.
Fifth period was Health, nough said. We learned about aid and took notes the whole time. That's basically what we've been doing since the beginning of the quarter except for two lessons which were otherwise. Then I had lunch, got a reprint of my gradesheet, and put it in one of my two Health notebooks, which are still in my locker.
Sixth Period is World Studies and I payed attention for the lesson part, but I fell asleep during the paperwork because I was aching to go to sleep at that point. (Like I am now, coincidentaly<--spelling?) That's okay though because its due tomorrow for homework.
Seventh period is Science and instead of the ditzy Ms.Eicher, I got the mean, old, scarry Ms.Knowles. I'm her pet student though and the busy work was easy since all the answers came straight from the pamphlet, and the ones we didn't know, Ms.Knowles gave us the answers to. I already told you about Show Choir.
After Show Choir I was determined to do my homework, but instead I ended up annoying my friends on the internet (I think i'll stay off it for a while since i never know what to say) and playing NeoQuest. I got to the next level!
After that, I went to my bi-weekly Torah School lesson (K'nafayim)which is fun because I get to see my friends (Rebecca and Nathan*different Nathan*) and eat pizza and watch movies. Rebecca wasn't there today though because she had a mock-trail meeting. That's a thing she does at her high school. Which I don't go to. That's about what I've done all day except for my math homework when I got home. My dad and my mom got in a fight about their Opera subscription, and I'm trying to get someone to help me. I asked my mom but she can never help anyone rationally if she even tried, and my dad is remaining aloof. Neither of them will help me so I'm on my own, since my sister wouldn't help me with a ten-inch-stick because she's a high-school senior and tons of homework of her own. I guess she's just gotten too good for her poor little helpless meek scared sister. I guess she's seen through my act. Until tomorrow, I bid you....farwell. (Bows and moves of stage right.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Sorry about that last stanza, I was being inspired in a negative way. That's the song Maddy and I made last night and continued on the spot today in Science class. Not much has happened since Saturday. I got over my upsetness and I went to a movie with Camille, Michele and Eva. We went to see 50 first dates. It was really good. I asked Camille over to bake brownies yesterday. Now that i think of it, it was a pretty stupid and lame idea. Neither of us has brought it up yet. Its only tuesday though and it happened monday. But im sure not going to bring it up since im not mad at her any more. Maddy is reading over my shoulder but thats ok because i don't really care about what she's reading so i think ill just make this the longest run on sentence in the world. I was going to post yesterday but i had my current science. It was technically still the weekend though. My friend Maddy might be posting some stuff here as well, but our voices are very different, so you'll be able to tell the difference, I hope. Or else my mind might be sicker than i thought. The name of the guitarist from AFI is Jade Puget and he is incredibly hot, says Maddy. I personally have no recognition of his face. Then again I only saw the last twelve seconds of the AFI video. The vocalist is creepy though, to me. Yesterday I had my second guitar lesson and now im learning the intro to Secret Agent Man and Play That Funky Music, White Boy. I think I have to go now and actually do something in class. Maybe I'll pay attention for five seconds. Adios!

Scooby Dooby Doo's dont make moves on other Scooby Daa's
Scooby Dooby Doo is so true to meee and yoouuuu
Once a Scooby Doo made a move, and he got shut down
Now all Scooby Doos have the blue becuase no ones around

You know those other Scooby Daas are only putting up an act
That's right Mac
They're only playing hard to get so they look phat
That's a fact

Scooby Dooby Doo who are you?
You seem to have lost your boner
Scooby Dooby Doo don't be blue
You have to get a boner

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