Saturday, February 14, 2004

This being an exception, I've decided not to write in my blog over the weekends, because they're too much fun to sit in the basement writing my diary on the internet. I'm better off just playing Neopets like my usual obsessive self. So, since todays just happens to be February 14 (and yet I still don't have a bf), Happy Valentines' Day! I was really upset yesterday in school, and I'm pretty sure now all my friends are basically ignoring me, except for the ones that don't go to my school. It's pretty frustrating. Just because I had one bad day, and I'm trying to be nice now. I asked Camille over to my house on the bus yesterday, and she said okay, what are we going to do? And I said we could watch the videos i rented from Potomac. But my mom had them in her car at work, so i called Camille and told her my mom would be home around 6 or 7 but she could still come over if she wanted, and she said that she would wait till my mom came home with the movies. Maybe it's just me, but that's not really a basis of a friendship. So my mom didn't come home till like 7 45 and i called Camille but the phone line was busy. So i waited fifteen minuets, and called again. She wasn't there. She completely ditched me. And she'll probably won't care on Tuesday, when we go to school next. Whatever, I already told her i was mad at her, and she thought it was a stupid reason, and then she goes and does that. I have nothing to do tonight, because my mom doesn't want to go to the party we were all invited to. So i guess me and Neopets will have Valentine's day all to ourselves. Still in a bad mood, by the way.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

One more thing. Tomorrows friday the 13th. the day before valentines day. now, would that be ironic or oxymoronic? I wonder... anyways, happy black cats and hearts day!
Clash is cool. as you can see from my screen name. Even though Strummer died two years ago. I don't want to write in my diary, because im too lazy to do manual work. so i decided to put it on the net where everyone can see it at will. I also like Nirvana. Although Kurt Cobain killed himself when I was four . I actually like all kinds of music. Frank Sinatra, 60's girls groups, the Beatles, and sometimes I can even stand the Talking Heads. I'm all about the arts. I will be writing most of my thoughts down here so you better be prepared because I can get pretty random. I have my friends and my enemies, although i have more enemies. but i decided to put those bitches in my past. Here are some of my friends in school: Maddy, Will, Eric, Camille, Michele, Claire, Nathan and Dylan, no specific order guys. Actually, those aren't some, that's basically it. Except for Maria whos from Spain and we talk Spanish to each other. Oh, by the way, lots of people say I'm almost fluent. Adios!

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