Sunday, June 06, 2004

So, this will probably be my last post on this site. I've moved to Xanga because the format fits my style more. If you want to come check it out it's at : www.xanga.com/LenaBeana90. I hope you will, and leave comments. So, um, I guess bye for the last time.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

What is retrograde? I've been hearing it all over this new comic and I'm upset I can't follow. I don't know, Eric has been annoying lately, like all week. I'm not mad at him, I just wish he'd shut up sometimes. Last night was fun, we played lingo and stuff. Woke up around 8. I feel proud of myself because I stopped being shy and actually tried to talk to Andy, so he might think I'm okay now. Have to go to dance but can't find my black pants. Gah!
Okay, so I have a lot to say today since it's friday. First of all, I wore my hair down for the first time in a really long while. Ms.Glazer said it was the first time she's seen it down and that it looked nice :). I had a two hour PE period as you all know, since I've mentioned it a bunch of times. Camille had to go to the HSA make-up test so I was all alone with Dylan. Except not, since he was being a jerk to me. For the first hour or so, I went to gaga and then for the second hour I played hockey. The period had it's ups and downs. Let me set the scene up first though. Dylan and Eric came to gaga too and Dylan aimed at me most of the time that he could. Eric was just being annoying. In Gaga, there's this thing called subbing. Which means that when you get out you sit down either in a line or wherever you were hit, depending on the game, and if you catch a ball, hit it and get someone else out, you get back in. Since we only had three balls, when it got down to four people, subbing was disqualified. (Usually it's more than four, but we only had fifteen people out of the usually 35.) I just decided to go from the beginning of this particular game, so you can ignore what I just explained until later. So I was standing in front of this chair, barely moving, because I found out that was a damn good strategy. Dylan is across from me and he's aiming most of the balls that pass his way at me. One of them goes far left and completely misses me, the next one goes even farther right and definately misses me. That made me laugh. So at the far end of the game it ends up that its Dylan, Jake, Eric and me. They all aimed at me. In a corner. And I fended them off for ten minuets. Score! But then it turned to all out truce war against these other people and it was the stupidist thing that I have ever seen. That's why I switched to hockey. I guess blue team was losing but when I came in on the blue side, we were tied. We scored two points in a row and when some one said, " It's not fair, they have like a million people on their team," I responded, "Yea, it's only unfair when we're winning." Mr.O (a P.E. teacher) heard me and said it was the smartest thing he'd heard all day. Yay! I'm getting a 98% in World Studies so I'm happy. Enough about school, I have to wrap this up soon. After school I played Lingo, said hi to my visiting grandpa and spent the day with Will, Andy, Camille, Michele and Alex, except that people kept on appearing and dissapearing. Having a sleepover with Michele and Camille at Michele's house. Will asked Camille out. This is their second trip around the block. Sigh, DM. K, bye all (or more likely, Rebecca.)

Friday, June 04, 2004

I actually thought that I lost yesterdays blog becuase it couldn't show me the page where it said that I published it or saved it. I ended up with three copies or more being published, and ten copies saved. I've fixed it now. But last night I wrote another draft of what I was going to say instead of yesterday's post, so I thought I'd share it in addition to today's news:

So I had this medium-long, very nice, literate blog yesterday, but something went wrong with Blogger so I couldn't publish or save it. So here are the scraps I can recall: I got my math gradesheet today and it was a 68-69%. I aslo took two tests after school today and on the recent one I did well, an 81%, but on the past one I didn't do se well, I got a 69%. This was much more clearer and understandable on my other blog. Does anyone know what my grade, approximately, is? Because I sure don't. Does it count that I turned in three missing worksheets? Another scrap: Other then after school, my day was okay. Not much happened. It turns out I'm not going to a theme park on the 14th because of Becca's parental problems. We are currently (by we, I mean she) trying to find another date. Yet another one : Maddy and Sarah weren't in school today. There was a noticeable absence of song (provided by me and Sarah), ADDnes (provided by me and Maddy) and all together volume, (every single person who sits at, or near, our table.) God, I love seventh period, except for the failing part. In actuality, I'm writing the rough copy of this blog at 11:47 at night on Thursday so here are my later, more grim, contemplations of the day that no one else will listen to because I'm such a whiner. I've been latching very closely onto all of my friends lately because I have no life of my own. I apologize. I tell myself to stop, but it keeps on happening. I've said, "I Love You," so many times to Becca this week, I fear she is beginning to ponder. I know it drives people, including friends, awya but I think I'm set on self-destruction mode right now. I think some of my friends realize my attachness and others don't completely. I'm pretty sure Dylan doesn't give a damn. Or he's just an ignorant asshole who will die a painful, feministic death. Probably both. More of the latter. I also realize I talk way too much about DM, although half the time I'm joking. My enthusiasm has died down a bit since I haven't seen him in a while. I'm sure it will pop right back up when I see him at BCC. Oh, and by the way. 12 MORE FRICKEN DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT. INCLUDING WEEKENDS!!! So hyped, so tired, so emotionally drained, so mentally strained, so excited in a nervousy way ( the work I'm looking for is anxious) so goodnight, or good day, whenever I decide to post this.

I'll have to update you about today later because I have to go play lingo!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Becca must think I'm a stalker. But I miss her so much *tear tear*. I was getting used to seeing her often so now there's this big space in Wednesdays where she used to be. I'm feeling pretty lousy right now because I got my math gradesheet today and I'm getting a 68-69%. Which isn't that bad compared to my previous math grades. Then I stayed after school to finish up a recent test that I missed from Tuesday and a test from ten weeks ago (around.) I got an 81% on the recent test so I was happy because it should've been a C. But then I got a 69% on my other quiz. Does anyone know what my grade might be now? I'm really stressed out. Five Exams. Thankfully all next week. Or is that bad? I'm not sure but tomorrow I have two hours of Camille and Dylan and Eric. (Have I mentioned that all the guys seem to be having their periods? Is it just my group of friends? Any one have comments on that?) Today was a good day (until I stayed after school of course), I'm slowly making my way through all the school work that I was piled under next week. I've finished World Studies, English (wrote the essay during lunch), Math and I'm about to do my Spanish homework. It's sort of bad I won't be able to finish my science Exam Review, but what can I do? I worked all period because neither Sarah nor Maddy was there. The room was pretty quiet. People actually made comments from the lack of singing:). It's our special touch to seventh period. Not much to say so I'm just going to end here. It turns out I can't go to the theme park on the 14th because Becca's parents are turning wacky so I'm not sure what's happening. I can't really do it before the 14th (I can do it after though) but I'm not sure about anyone else.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Blogging, compliments to Becca. I think you've figured out by now that much of my life (or at least blogger life) is influenced by her. I love you! Yesterday, Tuesday, was my sisters graduationa and I missed out on school. It was cool and not to long. When we went to lunch (Old Ebbitt's Grill) something very interesting happened. We saw Mike Myers eating lunch. So that was certainly cool. I also had my final chorus concert and that was a flop. And I'm not really just saying that. I usually do when we rocked and I knew it, but I was just trying to be modest, but this time it kind of went down the drain. Personally and Chorusully, (Don't laugh at my imperfections!) Persoanlly, I lost my bag with a cute sweater I've had for years and a scarf that I believe my dad was very attached to. I hope I find it again. And also I was missing a bowtie because someone took mine so I was very self-concious the whole time. Chorusally, first of all let me say that Show Choir ROCKED! We were up on it. And so were the Chasonettes. But the rest of the show... First of all, ten people threw music at Ms.Glazer for solos the day before the concert, so she wasn't really up to standard. And for chorus, we had learned one of the songs only a week before, and none of the student accompianists could learn it in time, so Mrs.Glazer had to play it herself. Oh well, at least Dan wasn't there, although some other ninth graders that he knew were. Today was okay though, except for the learning bits. They were tedious, I just have a mountain of homework, but I'll get to that later.
First period, nothing really to tell.
Second period, watched the chorus video from last night.
Third period, not much to say except that I talked note-wise to Michele.
Fourth period, took a test on The Pearl, chapters 5-6, I think I did well.
Fifth period, played badmitton (it was choice) with Dylan, Eric, Camille and Claire(for a while.) We played until 7 and the winner got to pick who traded one of their players with the sub, until Claire left. I swear all the guys are getting PMS. They were so over-emotional about the game and the scores. Camille and I barely hit the birdie until we were on the same team. People were playing basketball behind us (although they weren't allowed to) and I got hit in the head a couple of times. Doesn't seem to be causing any damage though...yet.
Lunch, I went into Ms.Strauss's for lunch and did my questions that I would've had to do tonight. So I am grateful. I barely got them done, and I handed them in, and then I found the answers to Chapter 3, so I'll hand it in tomorrow I supposed.
Sixth period, nothing much except that I worked frantically doing a test review packet (which I spent most of my after school day on) which was handed out yesterday and due tomorrow.
Seventh period, nothing much except that I worked frantically doing a test review packet that's due in a couple of days so I didn't do any of it tonight.
So that was my school day, give or take some fun friend runins. I got home and read comics for about an hour to cool down, then I had my math tutor come at five and stay until six, and she helped a lot. I at least got my math homework done and I got in my homework mood. I spent the rest of the day working on my world studies packet until my parents came home with dinner. After dinner my dad and I opened our expected FedEx boxes and got our new flip cell phones. I named mine Flipper! Hehe, just kidding. Spent a while doing that. Then I started on my Current Science, which is actually what I'm supposed to be doing now. At ten I took a shower, flossed and brushed and got into my PJ's and such. So I'm calm and relaxed. I have a load of homework and studying to do though. Here is my list lest I forget:
Period one- test review packet
Period two- nothing
Period three- two tests, review packet
Period four- essay, pronoun andecent packet
Period five- nothing
Period six- nothing (now that I have finished the review packet)
Period seven- review packet, current science, any make up work I can wedge in before next thursday.
That's about it. See you laters!

Monday, May 31, 2004

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Actually the first time I took the test I was a:

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But I realized I had more friends than I thought I did, so yea. Go trendy people! Maybe Becca could give me some cool tips.
Wow. It's Monday on a day off, and I'm doing homework instead of seeing "The Day After Tomorrow." I guess that's what happens when I have fun on a Sunday. It's 2:00 so I've been working for roughly an hour or so (I took some breaks to watch tv.) and I'm almost done with my fifth World Studies homework make-up. Then all I have to do is World Studies. I can do English later and say that I'm writing for fun. The questions are easy, I just want to get out! Putting up some new quizzes, thanks to Rebecca. Who is my true friend *wink*.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Okay, so here's some new quiz thingys. I found them all because of Becca, I love you! Dylan and Camille came over for a while today. Dylan left when Camille left, which is what he usually does, so I knew he would, but still...It's a little upsetting, even though I don't like her anymore. I took they HSA's tomorrow, they weren't that bad but I forgot what the line of best fit was. Didn't know which equation was which. So I probably passed, but not perfectly. On one question, I spend fifteen minuets on (I waited until I finished the others) and I finally got the answer, and was about to put it in my book. But the teacher said to stop, so I couldn't. Too bad they don't check the work sheets. I spent so long on it. Don't know the last time I posted. So I don't know if I'm repeating myself. I'm probably going to the concert with Michele and Camille since Becca dropped out, and the only reason I wasn't going to go was because Becca didn't like me. I really hope I can go to King's Dominion, my parents gave me the OK, but Becca and her friends and I need to figure out some details and stuff. Like how we're going to get there. If you want the full detail, check out her link to the right. That's all I've got for now so yea, I'll write some more later.

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